Resume: Richard John Smythe Ph.D.


Brock University, St. Catharines, Ont., B.Sc.(Hon.) Chemistry (1969)

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ont., MSc.Chem.(Analytical), Ph.D.(Analytical) 1973

State Univ. of New York at Buffalo, Post. Doc. Fellowship Electro Analytical Chem. 1974

Adj. Res. Supervisor MSc. thesis (Anal Chem) M.F. Hishon, Brock University 1983-5


Academic theses, undergraduate and graduate, peer reviewed journals; Can. J. Chem., A.C. and J. Chrom.


Graduate school, post doctoral fellowship, Brock U. Industrial Chemistry 1980/81 and lecturer in Environmental Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety/Toxicology, CERTI Niagara Falls, Ont. 1996/7.


1) Chemical Analysis involving: Instrumental techniques and chemical instrumentation, chromatographic separations, solvent extractions, qualitative, quantitative and structural spectroscopy, classical wet analysis, microscopy, electrochemical techniques, the design, experimental development and implementation of chemical analysis procedures and programs, SPC and GLP protocol for chemical analysis and laboratory operations.

2) Computer programming, digital data acquisition, analog/digital electronics, digital imaging and D/A interfacing.

3) Industrial chemistry and industrial chemical processes, from the late sixties our practice has included problem solving for the following industries and their dedicated laboratories;
  1. abrasives - artificial and naturally occurring
  2. automotive - materials of construction, metals, finishing
  3. chemical manufacture - feedstock variation, process and product variation, trace analysis
  4. explosives - composition and purity determinations
  5. foodstuffs - filth and foreign materials, composition and trace quantity analysis problems
  6. metals and minerals - ferrous and non-ferrous, refining, forming, foundry operations and corrosions
  7. paints and coatings - formulations, applications and coating failures
  8. petrochemicals - process monitoring, structural problems and purity concerns
  9. pharmaceuticals - chemical analysis, quantitative and structural, OTC and prescription preparations, process scale-up, toxicology and interactions of prescription drugs
  10. pulp and paper - process chemistry variation, fundamental R/D, customer complaints.
  11. rubber plastics and polymers - production chemistry, application and failure problems
  12. soaps, detergents and cleaners - composition, formulations, environmental degradation
4) Environmental Chemistry, Occupational and Industrial Toxicology

5) Forensic Science: qualified as an expert witness in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, electronics, digital imaging and applied toxicology at various levels of court beginning in the late seventies and early eighties (see R. vs Irwin) to date.


American Chemical Society (1969 to date)

Past chairman, executive committee member, Niagara Section of the Chemical Institute of Canada (1975 to date)

Chairman Chemical Advisory Board, Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology (1978-88)

Canadian Association of Fire Investigators, past chairman of Forensic Sciences Committee


Private Practice o/a Peninsula Chemical Analysis Ltd.; a commercial chemical analysis laboratory and consulting service. (1973 - to date)

Founding Member and Technical Director, Hevmet Recovery Ltd., Pt. Colborne, Ont. (1983-89)

Senior Scientist, Walker Laboratories, Walker Industries R/D; (1989 - March 1996)

Forensic Scientist with Walters Forensic Engineering, (1999 to date.) Qualified as an expert witness in chemistry, physics, mathematics, electronics, computer science, toxicology and forensic science in various levels of court in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, California and South Carolina.